A situation came about at work that got me to thinking that we do not truly see ourselves the way others see us. It reminded me of the situation in the movie, “Me, Myself and Irene,” where ‘Jim Carey,’ played the part of a police officer with duel personalities. The nice guy (personality)  found that his mean personality had done plastic surgery on his chin, saying that he thought it would make him look more manly. The thing is they are the same person. So, I came up with this tale to help me define this fact in our personalities that, “we do not see ourselves the way that others do.”


There was a student in the monastery that thought he was the only applicant available to take over when and if the master ever resigned because he had studied harder, remained poised all the time and mimicked the master’s way of living.

The master called the student into his office and asked him to close his eyes. While the student had his eyes closed the master placed a piece of paper on his back, that read, “Arrogant.”Then smudged black ash over his upper lip to mimic a mustache. Telling the student that, “This is a lesson for you.”

He then sent the student to town to buy some fish for the evening meal. The student did as he was asked and went to town, bought some fish from the market and came back to the monastery.

“Master, while I was in town every body laughed at me. I don’t understand why. I was polite, poised and gave them no reason to laugh.” The master then took the student and placed him in front of the mirror and showed him the black ‘mustache’ smudge and then pulled the paper from his back and showed him what he had worn during his trip to town.

“I don’t think that was funny, and I do not think that I am arrogant.”

The master then said, “We do not see ourselves the same way as others see us.”

Art Campbell 2014


every one is three people, The person that others see us as,

the person that our family and friends see us as

and the person we see ourselves as.