I was busy fixing the fridge in the kitchen, the Television was on the discovery channel and I heard the statement, “Perception is Reality.” I have been going over this in my mind for days. I have found I can relate this to so much that it must be true.


I remember the old saying that every one is four people, the one their family see’s them as, the one their friends see them as, the way they see them self and what they really are.


Ron, a good friend of mine, told me that the earth has a beginning and an end, just like everything else in this universe. Take a ball and toss it in the sky and then it comes down and catch it. That is the life of the earth from beginning to end. Now imagine, how short the earths life is and then imagine your life in that time frame.


I also recall this, we see one image with two eyes, we call it a sunrise when it is the earth that rotates. The sky is blue yet night reveals that it is really black and filled with stars which are planets and suns at a great distance.


We sat and watched the movie, “Walk of Shame,” it truly gave me what I was looking for with the statement, “Perception is Reality,” because in this film, a Blonde in a slinky yellow dress was lost in L.A. and as she tried to make it to her job, every one perceived her as a “crack whore.” When in reality she was a reporter who had lost her car and trying to make it across the big city on foot with no money, no phone and no idea where she is. I can see this every day as we judge others by their appearance.


Remember this, it is what it is…