A large horse, pulling a military wagon walked on a road, when it came upon a pigeon standing in the middle of the road. “Excuse me. but you should move. I am a military horse. I pull this wagon full of ammunition, weapons and soldiers. My job is very important.” The horse said.

“Well, I am awaiting a very urgent task. Perhaps you should go around me.” The pigeon replied.

“I don’t have time for this.” The horse snorted and charged towards the bird and the bird had no choice but to move, allowing the horse and wagon loaded with weapons and soldiers to roll by.

Just then a man reached down and picked up the pigeon, placed a note on the birds leg and tossed the pigeon into the air. The bird took flight. The soldier stood watching the bird and said, “Hurry little bird, it is very important to get that message to the front line. Reinforcements are coming, Protect the horse or the supplies won;t make it!”

By Art~ 2015


I came up with this little tale after teaching a class of OJT’s (on the job trainees) As the Armory Officer at my Unit, along with servicing weapons, caring for chemical agents,storing riot gear, radio maintenance, surveillance cameras and as “new boots” (new employees) come to work at the prison, one of my jobs is to teach them several topic, related to their job duties. While giving the lesson plan, I have found myself telling these eager new recruits that…. “All super heroes have different super powers. Just like each of us have something that we excel at. What one person is not good at, another may be proficient at. So, team work makes the dream work!”

Super Power Vocabulary List

nurse. What's YOUR super power?

have a quality day