Do you have a wind sniffer? Do you have a rain closet? Do you have an ass-jack?

I was at our yearly in-service training this week and the topic of training new employees came up. There was a couple of officers that claimed they couldn’t teach the new hires because they came from pre-service with an attitude that they already know what to do. To be a mentor you must be able to teach others how to do the job and to continually check on them for up to six months to ensure they are doing the job properly. (Especially in a penitentiary)

I think the problem, lies with who is teaching, because I have never had any one tell me they already know what to do when they just started with the agency.

A wind sniffer is a dog, they get in the car, stick their head out the window and sniff the wind as the car goes down the road.

A rain closet, is a shower… a closed in area that sprays water. An ass-jack is a step stool that you step up on and it raises your ass up high enough for you to reach what ever it is your trying to reach for.

Art~ 2015

The teacher can only take pride when the student shines.


A sticker – bur doesn’t know it pricks everyone it comes into contact with.