I remember when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and a lot of people migrated to the Houston area, Refugees. My wife went to her parents house where they had a generator and I stayed with my nephews at the house and roughed it for eight days with out power/ electricity.

Recent floods in Texas has left us unable to get to our house that now sits over the river, or the river flows under our house making our house a house boat but mainly the roads are flooded and we can not get on the island where we live do to the river washed the bridge out. I have been wading in to keep the animals feed and pampered. I know what it feels like to be a refugee. We take so much for granite, going to work, coming home, taking a shower, eating and sleeping in our own beds. we have been staying at my in laws, about twenty miles away. So much going on all at the same time, with my wife’s car in the shop, the motor is destroyed due to driving in high water and it will be 3,500.00 to repair. But we have our health and each other.

I can only imagine the holocaust in Germany, or the camps for the Japanese here in America. It seems like disasters test our reserve, our strengths and our patience. I am a patient man (I am told) but I am ready for things to get back to normal. Mother nature has a way of waking us up from our complacency. I will get back to posting zen stories as soon as I can get a calm in the storm of emotions we here in Texas have been plagued with.

Remember, we can find zen in anything…I was walking through the water the other morning, 6 am and it was quiet and the sun was coming up and I was at peace with the world. Then came a big splash about 2 foot from me and all I could think of was the alligators that have been spotted every where. When the water rises snakes go to higher ground and there is not mush dry ground left. I watched a hawk come flying close and thought how cool is that. It came really close and landed. I was so excited till I saw it swoop up a large snake that was about ten foot from me and I didn’t even know it was there.

I am officially a refugee for a little while, so stay safe have a zen-filled life (~_~) Art


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