They say there was a mountain that was so high, that all you needed was a ladder to get to heaven. People came from all over the world to attempt to climb to heaven but when they got there they found that in order to get to heaven you have to fight the dragon and the dragon has never lost a fight. So basically in order to get to heaven you have die. Not very many people attempted to fight a dragon that would win.

I was reading an article the other day, about how when we get cold, we find a way to get warm. When we are hot we find a way to get cool. We find a way to make ourselves comfortable. The shaolin monks make themselves accept what is and makes the body find a way to adapt to the surroundings.

We have a conception that in heaven everything is perfect. No heat, no cold, no hunger, no pain. Accept what is… until the day you go to heaven and you will get a taste of heaven before you reach the stairway to heaven.