I was in an office building, going to the xerox machine, began making copies when I happen to look down and saw a little blue pebble. It was a miniature rock, not a sequin or plastic. I wondered how beautiful. It was up against the wall, on the short fiber ed carpet and tucked out of the way. I pondered on how it got there, probably adhered to the bottom of someones shoe and then got bumped off here where it sit content, I assumed. Sort of like me, I have been all over and some how ended up here, too. Just like this little pebble we all travel from place to place and end up where we are, at the now! Enjoy the ride, and even more important be content where your at till time to go again.

I placed the little blue pebble in my pocket and kept it. Now did this pebble enjoy being in the office air condition and I just shoved it into a dark place? Perhaps I’ll take it to the creek and toss it in with pebbles of its own kind. Perhaps that is where its journey began.