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I recently finished reading John Ortberg’s excellent book, “All the Places to Go . . . How Will You Know?”  Near the end, John shares this wonderful rabbinical legend:

From the mint two bright, new pennies came,

The value and beauty of both the same;

One slipped from the hand and fell to the ground,

Then rolled out of sight and could not be found.

The other was passed by many a hand,

Through many a change in many a land;

For temple dues paid, now used in the mart,

Now bestowed on the poor by a pitying heart.

At length it so happened, as years went round,

That the long lost, unused coin was found.

Filthy and black, its inscription destroyed,

Through rusting peacefully unemployed.

Whilst the well-worked coin was bright and clear

Through active service year after year;

For the brightest are those who live for duty

Rust, more than rubbing, will tarnish beauty.

The only question that I have today is, which penny are you?


have a zen filled week