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My picks 

     enemies of the mind                                4 blind men and an elephant

      winds of forgiveness                                                        Butter and Stones 

      nails in the fence                                                                                  self worth

   bucket of water (burdens)                                                         forgiveness    

    the secret to happiness                                                               Becky’s Pup

     the ant                                                                                             shine brightly

 reflections of self                                                                      a shackled mind  

balls of clay                                                        bucket of water (500th post)


Zendictive stories

(original stories by Art~)

Kung Chew

praying to say the right thing   bucket of water (burdens)                      

be like bamboo (resilient)  impulsive solutions  clarity 

a ball of zen   compassion for ignorance    three minutes of zen 

fishing for zen  master time   pearls of wisdom 

water off a duck’s back    the tree of life     universe-ity 

the red balloon   the dragon   bridge over troubled waters 

ah’ grasshopper (seeing differently)    enlightenment 

  a woman’s right to fight the bear   the five keys         

the owl    When our world turns up-side down (a turtle story)

the crab and the pearl  emotions are like a volcano  helping others

content (homer the fly)   a warm heart  motivators 

a sun, a moon or a star  climbing the tree   aim higher


…the collection of wisdom tales…



the world is a puzzle     the seed   the paradox  ups and downs  

truth and the trouble tree    what they say…    dragons in our lives 

red ribbons (fate)  life goes forward  dust in the wind (sandcastles)

worship   dance in the rain   relaxation  learning to be great (reblog)

the rose within   the golden rule


Destiny…(zen stories about Destiny)

   to each his own (destiny)   the General (destiny/ fate  )     

destiny        chopsticks         Building your life  … tenacity 

 what comes around goes around       the path before you

to each his own   …think  you can’t take it with you when you go



the mind…(stories about the mind)

   a shackled mind               two wolves (anger)          adversity   

                the unsettled mind           trapped         perspective     reasons

                      Skill and the Mind (bulls  eye)         Fear   horse sense

The sun is warm and the grass is green   the worm

sculpting the mind    to be or not to be (osprey/mouse)

Big Brother’s Hug  the coat  toys for thought

the greatest swordsman


zen stories…(stories about zen)

  enlightenment                 attitude        clarity     fishing for zen

 three minutes of zen     master time      the power of words 

  heavy thoughts              itchy topic         water off a ducks back 

   these two buckets leak            be like bamboo, resilient 

   pearls of wisdom            the mind is like water            

    a zen master, dreams     a zen christmas     a bowl of zen

the joy of giving      zen in the garden     a candle’s warmth

opportunity     heaven and hell     the tree of life    Now

complacency and bananas  the taste of bitterness  stealing zen 

acceptance       Freedom     ripple effect    a gift from the heart

old wise man   wooden blocks   the way   the clay buddha

zen farmer (why is zen so important)   man of tao  zen-gets-u

 enlighten the trees and the grass   moving mountains 

Sufi Lessons   zen master in prison  where the wind takes me

opportunity  the temple and the vessel   a whirl wind of zen


…Fables (lesson tales)…

                    the trap          rituals and a cat       why the sun rises

             rings around a tail    the cougar and the cricket (egotism)

             impulsive solutions          tiger and redbird     universe city

                   bridge over troubled water       the mighty chicken 

                     rat trap      wokun        armadillo song    a leaf and the wind

                            two x-mas tales   porcupine and dirty laundry

the red balloon    fish outof water/pessimistic assumptions

the roar-less lion   the butterfly and the tree  the great battle

  the fox ad the well  a golden tongue   soaring

the fox, the tiger, the rabbit and the crab   you never know

smarter than the average bear  cleaverness   satisfied

the owl, the seagull and the turkey   tradition   three


…Humor (zen with humor)…

                    little lesson        praying to say the right thing     

             the cowboy, perception     monk pickle     walking on water  

                                                    funny friday (the turkey)  

the dog and the leopard    humorous wisdom

differences / intellegence   the rabbit (egotism)

struggling with humor



                            motivation            challenges          obstacles    

                          obstacles in your path                determination  

speeding through your life     slippery situations

the wise warrior   fishing for life  a reason to succeed




         take a needle to heaven     carrying the burden          

     appearances   Change (two stories)   the whole world stinks

life is like a cup of coffee     wise men say  

life is a piece of cake   sculpting the mind

   buying shoes   the conquerer  well, it is better to give…

integrity    treasures   wisdom teacher (the cow)

peace   THE SWEEPER  the burdens we carry  decisions

Travelers (gremlins in the mind)  there is good in the worst of us

the way out   fact is a fact and a dream is a dream

the art of fighting with-out fighting   the blue crab


…women and zen..

                                       a womans right to fight the bear          

                                          what do women really want   zen love

Mud andstars / the gift   holding on tightly forgiveness

a wise girl   the wish   making life fun    Soyen Shaku

Suzu (lady of zen)    zen women



                    the rumor mill          when anger spreads its wings 

                                              yelling at trees          the fire 

when anger shouts    belief




           the wonders of the world       to be a pencil     time well spent 

                       weakness or strength         willy the little wave    

   simple men       giving thanks        Guide Horse, Blind Horse

1000 marbles    Shine    spider web   power of prayer

wet/ lightening     to be a super hero   don’t worry, be happy

the disciple    you mustn’t quit   the cloud squeezer

a bag of happiness    limits of the mind 

one minute a priceless gem        a ‘good’ pebble



                    compassion for ignorance     forgiveness    the bridge  

                                       the bandit       Mind, the poison          zen’s dying    


…Diversity and Perserverance…

                     ah’ Grasshopper (seeing differently)      stone soup 

                problem solving           thirteen dragons       shake it off          

        get back up    ducks in a row  The tiger, the arrow and the stone

sharpen the mind    Sharpen the mind II 

                 the seeker of truth         versatile     the milk (two frogs)     

the bow        perserverance (two tales)   slippery situations

Zenkai (one hand clapping)  the tiger’s den 

the people and the snow   the wall    the web of life

the immovable mind    the web and the cocoon



           the horse and beauty      seed of honesty         

reflections of self    reflections of our actions          greed   giving

  truth or consequences       building yor life         balls of clay

gold in the sun an silver in the stars         little lies



                  Daniel Boone’s Deer        hate (buddha and the elephant)     

                         rainbow (unity)        Reality, an american indian tale

mud and stars / the gift    turtle power    Bobo-roshi

impossible love   when salt is sweet    the wish   the painting

the flower and the stone   beauty and ugliness

marriage is like a garden



Bruce Lee (the dragon)       confucious  

The ant and the Indian (a story about Geronimo)

the wisest man in the world    Seeshu and the Rat       

this is not Jabba the Hut     Solomon    Lao Tzu  

Shania Twain (ka-ching)  ask the turtle

judge roy bean   Prometheus  Nobel  Buddha (the man)

Who packs your parachute (Charles Plumb)


~~Short Inspirational Stories~~

Becky’s Pup          the dragon

Mr. Wobbles (the true story about my Cat)

the christmas angel     two pebbles     jasmine

the winsheild (clarity)   animal intelligence

flower in a broken pot      greatest treasures    The Lady Bug

Now hear this


Holiday wisdom

The Year of Enlightenment 2012  

2012 resolutions      Hotei, Santa Claus is a zen master 

The Christmas Tree    the empty easter egg

a mother’s wisdom (mother’s day)

our warriors (memorial day)    Independence (4th of july)

Ancient Olympians I  Ancient Olympians II  

 Ancient Olympians III   Ancient Olympians IV  

Ancient Olympians  V



have a zendictive day   one lovely blog award

one in one hundred warrior award

Aesops ass … versitile … sunshine


commentary by Art~

water the zen   making memories (roller coaster)

like a Moth to a flame    circle of iorn (the meaning of life)


 poems of zen wisdom tales

two boxes  


(other sites)


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