my favorites ………… by Art~ (best of the rest…in my opinion)

to watch a day die     leap of faith    night wisdom

sound of my breath 

soul pearls    thoughts fallen yesterday   a-bottle-of-poetry

writing graciously on angry paper                                                     

when a dew drop falls        zen is in the air     

color of zen 

Taming the painted mind


The rest

verbal judo    watching blue grow    one day    woven zen   

tiger, dragon and crane        turtle time          Ivy to the sky

the zen master’s wife    sword of truth and the sheild ofhonesty   

 leaves that do not fall      cometh the wild         dying to fly     

 the smallest flower     the crane (cento)   one fall   koi  

pelican, pelican     bright darkness  enlightenments trek

field of poetry                rippled thoughts                   the path

ocean’s slumber           Heron       wolves of the world              

 a dew drop song       todays River      dear will          the fawn

Katrina’s footprint        dragon fly     Padre Island’s shore

zatoichi Monogatori       erased         lil bird          adrift 

 killing time             the path            ray of sunshine  emotions  

 an ode to the doves of lovelady grove             emotions

dew drops song     well rounded         enlightenment

   the-horses-are-out   zen-of-the-blade     the-crickets-song

Happy Gravitational upgrade day         my-friends         lean                          

    i-thought-of-nothing      wrestling thoughts   Winter  Poetry         

     Lone Star’   The Chilling Birth of an Emperor   murky water          

       a tree and  me          wind dancer          outer limits   river-song

villesonnet-grasshoppers-song      looking-up-zen   

rippled thoughts     lunar-pearl   butterfly-in-a-hurricane     

 bonsai of thorns    Battle for the concrete mesa

the full moon of zen