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We have a new General, at the Unit and I like the way he uses stories to get his point across. For example, when I first met him, he told me about when he was a young lad, his father had gotten on to him when he had built a ramp for his bike. (I remember building ramps and jumping them with my bike) He said his father wasn’t upset because he had taken the best wood in the pile. No, he was upset because he hadn’t taken the time to build a good ramp. Instead, in his haste, he had just thrown something together so he could get to the jumping. (If your going to do something, do it with thought, quality and pride)

Later, I had heard him talking to another about goals. He said that his number one goal was to get home every day to his wife and kids. (working as a prison guard, this is a daily thought) So if you were to pull into a gas station and your in a hurry and accidentally cut off another who was trying to pull at the pump you had just whipped in front of, and this individual gets out yelling and screaming in a threatening manner. (Do you get out and confront this threat, showing this individual you are man enough to stand up to them?) This would take you from your number one goal. To get home to your family safely, your number one goal. Do you have something to prove to this person? Or to yourself? Or do you prove to your family that you can go through this tough world and make it home safely everyday.

When he spoke to the officers, (when he first came to lead this unit) He spoke of his position as if he were a banker. When a person comes to work everyday and gives 100% for months on end, then that individual comes in late one day, he will ask if everything is okay, are you alright, because this person as invested so much with the company and is a valued banker. But if a person comes in late every day and calls in sick alot, then they are not making much interest.

I believe in the saying that the Indians are only as good as the chief. I think are chief is a great leader and as we all know, I love short, inspirational stories with a moral. (~_~)




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