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A man just got married and was returning home with his wife. They were crossing a lake in a boat, when suddenly a great storm arose. The man was a warrior, but the woman became very much afraid because it seemed almost hopeless:

The boat was small and the storm was really huge, and any moment they were going to be drowned. But the man sat silently, calm and quiet, as if nothing was happening.

The woman was trembling and she said, “Are you not afraid ?”. This may be our last moment of life! It doesn’t seem that we will be able to reach the other shore. Only some miracle can save us; otherwise death is certain. Are you not afraid? Are you mad or something? Are you a stone or something?

The man laughed and took the sword out of its sheath. The woman was even more puzzled: What he was doing? Then he brought the naked sword close to the woman’s neck, so close that just a small gap was there, it was almost touching her neck.

He said,” Are you afraid ?”

She started to laugh and said,” Why should I be afraid ?,If the sword is in your hands, why I should be afraid? I know you love me.

” He put the sword back and said, This is my answer”. I know God Loves me, and the storm is in His hands.


Happy Anniversary, Honey (by Art ~~) 

It was on our honeymoon that our love was tested. At the casino hotel, (remember) ‘You broke the shower’ (we tease each other as to who really broke the shared shower that night.) But the fact was that the hot water would not turn off since the handle was broken off. (grin)

I went to the hotel office and reported it, (I am knee-deep in hot water) since it would not take too long till the hot water run out at the rate it was coming out. (and I didn’t want the heat in my wife’s heart to turn cold, if you know what I mean) They said they would send a maintenance man to the room. We waited about thirty minutes or more till a man came knocking on the door. He came in and said he would have to get with his supervisor since he was unable to turn the water off. I explained we were on our honeymoon and would like to make these repairs quickly or if it was going to take a while could we get another room? (no rooms were available since it was valentines day)

About another thirty minutes went by when a knock came at the door and a second maintenance was there to look at the broken shower. We now had two strange men in our room on our honey moon. This man said he could not figure out how to turn the water off either, He would have to call his supervisor too. My new wife and I tried to make the best of this delay by eating strawberries and drinking sparkling white wine. (which was tasty by the way)

About an hour later a third man showed up to look at this broken shower. We now had three strange men in our honeymoon suite, huddled up in the bathroom trying to turn off the water. They finally figured out how to turn off the hot water and I finally got to have the room to my self with my new wife. I often tease my wife that it took four men in our room on our honeymoon to finally finish the job. Our marriage is based on love but tested by our patience. (Making memories is the thing that strange days are made of.)



happy valentines day





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