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A Lion was walking down a small trail in the jungle when he came upon an Elephant whom was going the opposite direction. “Move out of my way so that I may pass.” Bellowed the Lion.

“Me, move?” The Elephant replied. ” I am larger and should have the right of way. It is easier for you to move aside than I.”

“But I am the King of the jungle. It is you who should move aside for your king.” The lion replied. “So I command you to move.” With this the Elephant reached out with his long trunk and picked up the Lion. He pounded the Lion into the ground several times and then banged him against a tree then dropped him on his head.

With the Lion dazed and laying to the side, the Elephant then passed and began walking away, down the small trail. The Lion regained himself and shouted, “Well, you didn’t have to get mad about it.

Moral: Some never change their beliefs even when they are shown they are wrong.



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