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… by Art~


A zen master and a student were sitting by a lake and silently watched nature and all its beauty when the student broke the silence by saying, “I can,t wait till this weekend. The feast of the full moon. There will be fruits, fish, laughter and there is talk of fire works.”

The zen master said nothing, he just kept looking across the lake. The student leaned forward and gazed curiously at the zen master. “Master? Did you hear me?”

“Yes,” replied the master. “I hear you.” He continued to sit, absorbed in his surroundings. Sitting as still as a statue, peering across the lake like a soldier with a thousand yard stare. The student re-adjusted his sitting and imitated the master.

But after a few moments the student asked, “What is the lesson today?” The master sat quietly, motionless, peering forward. “Master?”

“Is it not obvious?” The master replied. “I am becoming one with the granite rock in which we sit upon.” It was then that the student took notice of the giant stone in which they sat on. He looked at the large rock that sat next to the lake. Noticing its shape and size, reaching a hand out and feeling the texture of the stone.

  “But we are humans,” the student stated, “we are nothing like a rock.”

“On the contrary, we have a few things in common with a stone. One is being hard headed.” The master chuckled. “There is a lesson in everything,” the master continued. “The sun teaches us to be warm and shine like a light for others. The trees teach us to bend with the wind, to be resilient in that which comes our way. To grow and reach outward. The water teaches us that we are a body and our emotions are expressed like the surface ripples. To be clear and transparent with honesty and purity.”

“What does the rock teach us?” The student asked with curiosity. Looking at the large slate of granite in which he sat.

The master looked down, reached out and picked up a stone then handed it to the student. “It teaches us to be patient. To sit in stillness and watch as the world unfolds. This rock we sit upon has sat for thousands of years, never moving, never speaking, watching the sun rise and set. Watching the moon change from a full moon to a new moon over and over again, as we watch others grow and change, all the while never changing. It has been rained upon, sat in the blisstering sun, lapped at by the water in the lake, covered in snow and allowed the snow to melt away. It endures all that comes without a whimper or unchanged.”

“We are the same,” the master continued, “We as humans are bombarded with problems and they melt away, we see the seasons come and go. There is a time to move like the wind and then there is a time to sit like a stone. This rock has beared children, like that in your hand, a bit of itself shared with the world. Become as solid in your thoughts and beliefs as a rock in the elements. Obtain the patience of a stone.

……… Art~ 2013

this story came to me after reading this


a word from the mouth is like a stone from a sling



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