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Coming Together: Special Hurricane Relief Edition 

~Katrina’s Footprint~

Katrina stormed across the ocean
Gulf breeze deceives
in camouflaged reality
to settle on shores
with open heart doors
and smiles to the sun
over soft sand beaches.

“Neptune draw your breath …
for your children weep.”
… like the day Katrina stepped a shore.

Her fury for her father
the King of the Sea
scorned her reality
to suicide shores
she yelled out a gail
as she crashed into land.

“She took a liquid Hammer to Homes,”
…a bad seed spun spawned
in a hurricane dawn.

Neptune lost a daughter
but humanity was devastated
the ocean kings words spiraling
a mere whisper to us all
he lives and breeds
Kamakazi wind warrior daughters.

“I am King,” Neptune shouts
his daighter, Katrina he seed
in this cycling humanity bleeds.

Katrina drew her last breath
King Neptune wept
those in her wake, there was nothing left

Tornados of emotions
around every street
water higher than homes
mingles in tears seeped
the city of saints scorned
by Neptune’s new born.

all that is left is “Katrina’s foot print,”
…when she stepped ashore
it was forever more.





This poem was selected and published in the 2005 Book/Anthology;

Anthology: Coming Together, Special Hurricane Relief Edition

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