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 They say that Saint John the Apostle liked to play with his pet sparrow from time to time. One day a hunter came to visit him and was surprised to see such a famous man playing. He surely could and should be making better use of his time. So he asked him,”Why do you waste your time playing? Why devote so much attention to something as useless as a sparrow?”
Saint John looked at him in surprise and asked: “Why is the string on your bow not tight?”
“Oh, you can’t keep it tight all the time,” the hunter explained, “otherwise it loses its tension and becomes useless for shooting arrows.”
So Saint John told him in return: “My friend, just as you always release the tension on your bowstring, so you must release the tension inside of you and relax. If I don’t relax and just play, I have no strength for any great undertaking. I don’t even have the strength to do what I have to and what is necessary.”
It has been so hot… I saw two trees fighting over a dog needing to pee.
have a quality week-end

God Needs Our Hands
 At the end of World War II a group of soldiers offered to help the people of a destroyed village in any way they could. But instead of asking for food, money, or farm equipment, the townsmen asked for help in restoring a statue. For years their proudest possession had been a statue of Christ in their own town square. Now it lay shattered into many pieces. Could the soldiers help put it together again? It was a difficult task, chips and pieces lay all over the square.
Finally the statue was repaired except for two missing parts that the soldiers could not find. Finished, they covered the statue with a silken parachute, so that it could be unveiled in a ceremony before the townspeople, even though it was incomplete.
On the occasion the mayor of the town gave a speech and pulled the cord of the silken drape… It dropped from the statue, showing a Christ without hands. At first the townspeople were shocked. Then they looked down at a sign which the soldiers had put at the feet of the statue. It said: “I have no hands. Won’t you please lend me yours?”…
may your day be filled with relaxation


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