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wisdom riddle

An elderly oriental man woke one morning and as always he gathered his trinkets and loaded them on a cart and went toward the market for his daily duties of selling his merchandise for a hand full of coins.

At the market he set up for selling and laid out his goods for display and waited. After a short time he realizes that it will be a slow day for there was not that many people at the market to make purchase so he decides to take advantage of the time and pray for a profitable day.

He bends down and opens the side doors on his cart and pulls out two small, gold Buddha statues. The statues are very heavy, 25 pounds each. He lays out his make-shift shrine of incense and these two small statues and begins to pray for a profitable day.

While this elderly oriental man is praying a couple of thugs happen by and see the two golden Buddha statues. They start walking toward the old man and the man takes note that these men coming toward him are known thieves. He quickly makes the decision rather to load the cart and make a run for it or to grab his prize statues and run. He decides to do the latter and takes up the  two statues and makes a run for it.

The thieves get to the cart and fumble through it and find nothing of worth so they then take after the old man and his two golden treasures. They chase the old man for awhile and come to a gorge. The man stands at the gorge where a rope bridge reaches across the very deep canyon. There is a sign at the very unstable rope bridge , that reads;

‘This bridge will only support 150 pounds of weight’.

The old man calculates this for a moment as the thieves come closer and closer. The old man weighs 125 lbs and each Buddha weighing 25 pounds. The old man takes off across the bridge, with both golden Buddha statues and makes it across… how did he do this with out exceeding the 150 lb weight limit?

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The elderly oriental tossed one of the Buddhas in the air and as it came down, before catching it, he tossed the other Buddha statue in the air as he caught the first one. Doing this until he reached the other side, there-fore he never exceeded the 150 lb weight limit.


If you are an American when you go into a bathroom and an American when you come out of the bathroom, what are you while you are in the bathroom?



When one does not know what it is, then it is something; but when one knows what it is, then it is nothing. What is it? 

answer: A Riddle!

Sharpen the Mind (one)


what do you see?


not everything is as it appears to be…

Life’s a maze, love’s a riddle

may you enjoy every moment while time wittles



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