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Once upon a time there lived four friends in a forest. they were very different from each other, yet , they were best friends and always came to each other’s aid when required. the friends were: a mouse, a crow, a deer, and a tortoise. This story of how these friends, who ordinarily would have been natural enemies helped each other against their biggest enemy – Man, who was a hunter.

One -day, the mouse, crow and deer were gossiping under a tree. they suddenly heard a scream. It was their friend, the tortoise ! He was trapped in a hunter’s net.

” Uh oh!” exclaimed the deer fearfully, ” What do we do now?”

” Do not despair” said the mouse. ” I have a plan” and the three friends huddled together and decided on their plan of action.

The deer ran towards the hunter who was close to the tortoise caught in the net. He reached there without the knowledge of the hunter, and lay down in his path as though dead. The crow flew towards the deer and acted as though he was pecking at the deer. the hunter picked up the net and started walking home, when he suddenly laid eyes on the wondrous sight of a dead deer. ” Hey, here is a deer, all ready for me” He thought and put down his net and walked towards the deer. the crow continued circling the deer, and flapping his wings furiously whenever the hunter tried to push him away. In the meantime, the mouse hopped to the tortoise and stasrted chewing the threads of the net and freed the tortoise. As soon as the crow saw that the tortoise was free, he led out a loud caw and flew away. the deer suddenly got up and ran. the hunter stood stunned and as he went back , he saw the tortoise has also escaped. ” If only I hadn’t been so greedy” he thought.


The above story has an obvious moral but I also take it with the fact I have visitors for the summer and I have spent a lot of time with them and not much time with this blog. But all good things come in cycles and I will always find time to write for it is a passion. So I haven’t abandoned the blog I have simply paused to spend time with family.


have a quality summer



Why Turtles have no ears  by Art~ 2012

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a turtle was making its way through the sea, swimming. It heard the sorrowful moans of the whales bellowing in the distance. The turtle said, “I can’t stand to hear the whales cry.” So, the turtle headed for the shore and crawled up on land.

There the turtle heard the seagulls fighting and squabbling. “Give me that fish,” “Get out of here,” “I hate you,” “Go away.” The seagulls yelled. The turtle hurried deeper into the woods to get away from the negative tones of the shore birds.

A great storm came, lightening and thundering crashed all around, frightening the turtle to the point that the turtle withdrew into its shell. “I wish I didn’t have ears to hear all this loud noise and all the bickering the animals do.” It was days before the turtle became hungry and had to venture out for something to eat. Drawn to water as turtles are, the turtle headed back to the sea.

When the turtle got back to the sea, it heard the roar of the ocean, the chattering of the gulls and once again wished it didn’t have ears to hear all that was bothersome to it.

Not far from where the turtle was there were two crabs fighting over a dead fish. The crabs pulled in a tug-of-war trying to dominate the morsel. Finally one crab reached out with its pincher and cut the fish in half. Seeing this the turtle had an idea. It went over to the crab and the crab started to dart away.

“Wait,” yelled the turtle. “I can give you more fish!” The crab stopped and went back toward the turtle. “I have a request and I am willing to give you more fish for a small favor.”

“What is the favor?” The crab asked.

“I couldn’t help but notice how sharp your pincher’s are,” The turtle began. “Do you think they are sharp enough to cut off my ears? I will pay you in fish if you do.”

Without hesitation the crab reached out and pinched off one of the turtles ears. “Ouch,” yelled the turtle.

“Bring me the fish and I will do the same to the other one.” The crab stated. The turtle went into the sea and captured a fish and brought it back to the crab. The crab inspected the fish and with-out a moments thought, pinched off the turtles other ear.

The turtle thanked the crab and went on its way. With-out any ears the turtle was momentarily satisfied till it once again heard the squabbling of the gulls. Realizing that even with-out ears the turtle could still hear. Just then the turtle heard the most wonderful sound, “Momma, Momma.” Little baby turtles came running to the turtle. The turtle embraced her young and delighted in their every sound, ear-less.

Growing up, the baby turtles all noticed that they had ears and their mother did not. Wanting to be like their mother, they too made a deal with the crabs. The crabs were happy to oblige for a meal and pinching off turtle ears was a fade for awhile, till all the turtles eventually, had no ears.

(moral: Body modifications are so common these days like: tattoos, tongue rings, lip and eye piercings, colored and spiked hair, it seems some may be trying to change their outer selves when deep down the inside is still the same. Trying to change ones-self begins on the inside. Then again, others are simply trying to fit in.)


It’s no Godzilla, but an “earless rabbit allegedly born near Japan’s severely-damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant has become the latest poster child for the side-effects of radiation exposure.

The bunny — purportedly captured on video just outside the crippled plant exclusion area and posted on YouTube on May 21 — has become big news in Japan and, to a lesser extent, elsewhere, stoking fears that contamination from the damaged facility could cause genetic mutations.

But both rabbit experts and radiation researchers told AOL Weird News the bunny’s bizarre looks could have a less sensational explanation……   (more of this story: here)


You have two ears and one mouth, use them proportionalley


~Turtle Zen~

There once lived a tortoise in a forest shaded, shallow stream. It had watched the sun rise over a mountain all its life. Seeing this, the turtle thought perhaps if it were to climb to the top of the mountain and with perfect timing, it could step onto the bright ball and catch a ride on the warm sun. For turtles love basking in the sun.

The turtle had spent nearly a year walking upward on a twisting and turning mountain road. The journey was a long, uphill battle and the turtle nearly had forgotten why it was making such a pilgrimage except for every morning it was reminded when the sun came over the mountain and renewed his desire for the suns warmth.

When the turtle finally reached the mountain top he realized that the sun was to high to step upon so it gazed down into the valley below and saw a beautiful lake. It then decided to go down the mountain in order to swim in the wonderful blue waters of the lake below, for it had not bathed in cool waters for a very long time. So he began its decent toward the valley, abandoning his goal to step onto the sun for a new destination.

As the turtle walked downward it lost its footing and balance and began to roll down a steep hillside. When the turtle quit tumbling and rolling it found itself upside-down, on its back. It struggled for a long time, unable to turn over the turtle decided to rest.

When nightfall came a wolf happened upon the turtle. Thinking that the turtle would make a delicious and easy meal the wolf clawed at the turtle and nudged it with its nose but was unable to find any flesh to bite into, the wolf soon left. The turtle however was now right-side up, thanks to the wolf. It then began to make its way down the mountain again.

Not much farther down the mountain, the turtle became victim to gravity and fell a great distance before coming to a stop. Once again the turtle found itself upside-down and helpless. Struggling  helplessly the turtle tried and tried to get right-side up but was unable to. A hawk saw the turtle wiggling and waving its legs in the air and swooped down and landed on the turtle. The turtle retreated deep into its shell.

The hawk gripped the turtle and began to fly away with it. The weight of the turtle was to much for a hawk but the hawk was persistent in getting the turtle to its nest. Flying rather low the hawk was unable to gain much altitude and eventually released the turtle in order to fly high. The turtle fell to the earth, landing in a bed of pine needles and once again rolled down the hill. When the turtle finally came to a stop it found itself close to the lake in which it was attempting to reach. The turtle crawled to the waters edge and submerged itself in the cool, refreshing blue water.

The next day the turtle was swimming under water and saw the bright sun above, so the turtle surfaced. It wanted so badly to bask in the warmth of the sun so it found a stump and crawled out of the water. There the turtle absorbed the sun’s warmth and contemplated the past events. The turtle found that the trying journeys it had endured had brought it to heaven. A place where it can swim in the cool blue waters of a lake and bask in the warmth of the sun. It’s only goal now… was to feed itself. So the turtle set out to accomplish this new goal.

(moral: We set goals for ourselves and pursue them, meeting challenges along the way. We may find ourselves feeling helpless and our world gets turned upside-down but patience and preserverance will help us prevail. Sometimes the dangers we come face to face with is just what we need to help us achieve these goals or makes us wiser from them, and as we reach one goal we tend to set another goal for ourselves.)

May you find peace and tranquility everyday on your journey as you attempt to reach your goals, whatever they may be.

By Art~ 2012

(this story has been brewing for awhile and went through so many changes. If you have any suggestions on how to make it better, I am all ears. (now with that… I ask, “why is it turtles have no ears? I see a new story coming … ‘grinin’)


It’s not about the destination… it’s about the journey!

have a zen-tastic day



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