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On one occasion the Master told the story of an old ceramic pot of inestimable price for which he had paid a fortune at a public auction.  The pot had been used for many years by a beggar who ended up his life in misery, totally ignorant of the value of that object with which he had begged.

When the disciple asked the Master what that vessel represented, the Master told him: “Yourself”.

The disciple asked him for an explanation, and the Master proceeded: “You center all your attention in the insignificant knowledge that you acquire through books and from the masters.  It would be better that you focus your attention on the vessel in which you keep it.”


Temple of the mind by Art~2005

A temple is a structure
that houses prayer,
words built from thought
and heart beats shared.

Sweeping spider webs
from the temple’s rooms
inside the mind lays
the tools to broom.

For their is no light
within the skull
only enlightenment,
let no mind dull.

Train the body
sharpen the mind
enrich the spirit,
strong temple signs.

Dust to dust or
an idea is sown
for rust may preceed us
watching new temples grown.

Humble when shaking
the hand of another
your opening the door
of someones sacred temple.


The irony of this post is that I had to put my vessel/temple in the hospital yesterday with 104.5 fever. I am home now but may need a few days to recoup. I had this post in my drafts and it seemed fitting. They said I have pneumonia, don’t know how that happened, they are telling me that I just won’t slow down long enough to heal, guess I’ll have to now~

Strenghten the body, sharpen the mind and enrich the spirit



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