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A zen master and his student were out gathering berries in a field. In the distant landscape rest a volcanic mountain that bellowed small amounts of black smoke that trailed across the cloudless, baby blue sky.

The student reached down and was pricked by a thorn. He pulled his hand back from the pain and kicked the basket that contained the berries he had already picked, spilling them all over the ground.

“Are you alright?” Asked the zen master.

“Yeah,” replied the student as he bent down and began picking up the spilled berries. “I don’t know why we waste our time with these darn berries.” The student said in a negative tone.

“So that master Keno can make us all a ‘darn’ berry cobbler!” The zen master stated. “What is bothering you?” He asked.

“Nothing, you wouldn’t understand!” The student spat.

“Is it the girl in the village?” The master asked, knowing that the student had been going to the market and visiting with a certain young lady. “You don’t think I understand love?”

“It is complicated,” the student blared.

“I understand that you are like the volcano,” The master relayed. “The smoke from your mouth is not the problem, the true problem lies deep with-in you and churns like the lava deep with-in the mountain. The problem will only go away when the pressure you hold is released.”

“She is having a hard time deciding rather to go to the festival with me or with Sinyo.” The student stated.

“I suggest you take your talented voice and your brewing volcanic pressure and release a song to her that will sway her thoughts heavily.” The master suggested.

That is so lame,” the student barked. Both continued picking berries.

“And standing there all frustrated is not making you lame? You have a choice, do something, or do nothing.” The master said as he finished filling his basket. The student thought long and hard about what the master said as the two headed back to the monastery.

Along the way, the student broke the silence. “So, your saying do something rather than do nothing? Isn’t zen about accepting what ever happens?”

“If your mimicking a volcano, eventually you will erupt. I am saying take that energy and put it to use rather than allow it to make you miserable.” The master replied. “All your negative spats have nothing to do with the real problem with-in you. If you have a goal.. then put your whole being into creating that goal or live with the fact you did nothing to reach that goal.”

They walked a bit further when the student asked, “So, you think I am a mountain?”

“No, you are a volcano blowing a lot of smoke. I am a mountain,” the master answered and they both smiled.

By Art~ 2012

(moral: often times the true reason some one is negative or blabbers with excessive adjectives is that a problem boils deep with-in them. Considering where I work; I am often faced with those who radiate negativity. I call it the negative disease, and I wear my antidote… ‘zen,’ to ensure I do not catch this disease and bring it home. Be like the mighty duck… ‘water off a ducks back’ is how one should deal with these type people and their harsh words, or… I am rubber and you are glue, what you say, bounces off of me and sticks to you (grinin)(~_~)

 Emotions are like a volcano it will build up deep with-in, till it explodes, unless you do something to change it. The ‘tell tell’ signs are spatting negativity for no reason.

Emotions are often stronger than self-control, emotions are like a volcano.




Please let me know your thoughts. I wrote this story and accept any and all suggestions to make it better.


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