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Jupiter, the chief of gods, was going to marry. He decided to celebrate the happy event by hosting a reception. He invited all the animals living on land and in water to participate in the banquet.

All the animals came to attend the feast but the tortoise didn’t come. Jupiter was much too surprised at his absence.

After a few days, Jupiter came across the tortoise. He asked him, “How was it that you were not present at the banquet held in honor of my marriage? Were you all right?”

“I am a stay-at-home type lf animal and never care to attend petty affairs. Why should trouble myself when there is no place like home?” retorted the tortoise.

No doubt, the tortoise had said something very true. But the way of saying it was very hurtful. It pinched the chief of gods and he uttered a curse, “So, you will always carry your home on your back. You will never be able to unload it.”

And every tortoise carries his home with him till today.


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A Thousand Words

Last night, the wife, my little 9 year old daughter and I watched the movie, “A Thousand Words.” I was taken by the movie’s ‘zen’ appeal and of course ‘Eddie Murphy’s’ comic charm. Even my lil girl laughed and loved the movie that was charming and filled with a wonderful message of, “the power of words.”


After stretching the truth on a deal with a spiritual guru, literary agent Jack McCall finds a Bodhi tree on his property. Its appearance holds a valuable lesson on the consequences of every word we speak.

Eddie Murphy is Jack McCall, a fast-talking literary agent, who can close any deal, any time, any way. He has set his sights on New Age guru Dr. Sinja (Cliff Curtis) for his own selfish purposes.

But Dr. Sinja is on to him, and Jack’s life comes unglued after a magical Bodhi tree mysteriously appears in his backyard. With every word Jack speaks, a leaf falls from the tree and he realizes that when the last leaf falls, both he and the tree are toast. Words have never failed Jack McCall, but now he’s got to stop talking … or he’s a goner.

A Thousand Words


Words are a powerful tool, but not just the words but the passion and emotions that we use with them matter as much as what we say. As in the story with Buddha and the lake, where a married couple scream at each other because their hearts have become distant, even though they stand next to each other. When their love was new and fresh, their hearts were so close that they did not need words, the heart knew what the other was feeling.


I see this movie in so many others, you can’t take a hammer and pound zen into them. No matter how many stories, parables or quotes you throw at them, they just don’t get it. Like watching a dog chase it’s own tail, never going anywhere spiritually in life, just existing. In this movie, Eddie Murphy has to go through a harsh trial to understand, passion, a better way of living and of course the power of words. Needless to say, I recommend to all, watch this movie.

 words are tied to emotions like a tree’s root reaching into the earth.


choose your words wisely



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