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In a village there lived a man named moti patel. He would awake at six o’clock every morning and brush his teeth with a datan stick while sitting on a stone seat in front of his yard. Every morning at that same time a cow would come and sit there and chew cud. The cow’s horns were nicely rounded and Motibhai would think to himself everyday, ”My head would fit snugly between the two horns!” He so began to promise himself everyday, ”I’ll fit my head in today or tomorrow.”

In this way six months passed. Then one day he made up his mind. ”I’ll definitely fit my head between those beautiful horns today.” After he finished cleaning his teeth he stood up and went to the cow. He put his head between the cow’s horns. It fit snugly. But the cow jumped up in fright and ran. Motibhai was pulled along. ”Help! Help! Help!” he screamed. The village people caught the cow and pulled Motibhai’s head free. They scolded the battered and bruised Patel. ”Motibhai, why didn’t you stop to think before doing this?” Motibhai replied, ”After six months of serious thought I put my head between those horns!” Motibhai broke his arms and legs. He got better after two long months.

This is just a story. The principle to be understood is that Motibhai thought for six months before fitting his head between the cow’s horns. But the thought itself was wrong. To achieve salvation one should think only positive thoughts. And only then will we one day achieve our goal.


Where’s your head? What do you think about?

There us a guy I know, and all he talks about is hunting. His past hunts, the hunts he plans to go on this year and next year. I know people who talk about religion. I know people who absorb their thoughts in work. I admit, my mind wonders, but I find that I can look at something and I will seek the zen in it or can I make a story from its value or what can it teach me? I suppose we all have our train of thoughts and that is what makes us individuals and special. Your thoughts is what makes you…You!



have a zen filled day


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