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In my morning stroll through the mountains and valleys of the internet, in search for zen and or a soul moving read, I found this;

Test Your Zen 

(click here)

@Carisma Arts / blog

(give it a try, it was fun. Come back and tell me how you did. I was a Novice. A perfect score makes you a zen master! However I felt the questions could/ should have been more along the lines like; (what I have posted below)


This test was inspired by the reading of Carisma Arts blog/ test. So I thought I would make my own with more of a zen setting to it!

~~~~~~ Zen Test ~~~~~~

 A) Are you…;

1) a river ,  2) a valley,  3) a mountain,  4) or a stone?


B) You are sitting and  Bee lands on your leg. What should you do.

1) smack it,  2) pick it up, 3) shoo it away, 4) remain still?


C)  You are in a dining hall and found a place to sit with your bowl of rice and one bisquit. You set your food down and begin to sit when a stranger reaches across and takes your bisquit. What do you do?

1) say nothing at all, 2) reach over and take the eaten bisquit back by force, 3) you walk around the table and beat some since into the theif, 4) you get up and ask; “Does any one else need a bisquit while I go and get another one?”


D) Your walking through your garden when you notice that a beautiful rose has bloomed, do you…

1) clip the rose and take it with you? 2) admire the rose and walk away?


E) A tree falls in the forest, What does it do?

1) Makes a noise,  2) Dies,   3) makes no sound?



A) … (4) a stone… no man is large enough to be a river, a valley or a mountain… humans are small, like that of the stone, moveable and many.

B) (3) Shoo it away, with a gentle hand. It can sting you and if you allow it to remain may the answer as well if one braves the chance of allowing the nature of the bee to sting them.

C) (4) of course my first choice would be to beat the theif into learning not to do this but, zen is about keeping peace so, offer to get them another bisquit while you replace yours; useing the; turn the other cheek method, but my rule is… do it to me once and I’ll smile, do it to me again and you won’t be smiling (~_~)

D) (2) is there really a perfect answer here? Both are good answers, but to allow nature to be, sounds like the most obvious zen answer.

E) This is the point of zen, what does a tree do? It can’t speak so it makes no cries or sound yet the fall itself will make a loud noise. The tree dies long before it falls yet when it falls it is laid to rest. All answers are excepted here.

(Each question is worth 20 points, how did you do?)

I made this test up so… what do I know, it is based on my opinion and it may not be yours. I hope to instill that our zen can and shall be tested all the time. Not our intelligence but our state of harmony with the world and universe.


the brain is a muscle that loves to be exercised!



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