The Red Balloon by Art~

Once there was a bright Red Balloon, that huddled among a batch of other balloons. Each balloon spoke of the things they wanted most in life. The blue balloon wanted to be held tightly, the yellow balloon wanted to wave in the wind, the purple balloon wanted to pop and scare some one while the red balloon scoffed and stated it wanted to put itself above all others. It wanted to soar higher than any other ballon. The red balloon thought of itself as better than other balloons.

The white ballon laughed, “You’ll miss us down here if you fly away.”

The black balloon whispered, “He’ll be back, begging for us to float next to him again.”

It was then that a child purchased the red balloon and the red balloon teased the others, “See, I am the best balloon ever. I was bought before any one else.” The child walked away with the red balloon floating behind the child, dragged by a thin red ribbon.

The red balloon made use of the wind and when the time was right the red balloon pulled hard and freed itself from the child. The red balloon began sailing higher and higher, yelling to the other balloons, “See, I am free. I am above the rest of you, just as I had stated.”

The red balloon lifted higher and higher till it was but a dot in the noon day sky. The balloon had full-filled it’s dream, it was above all others. It soon began to realize it was all alone. That the wind was in charge of its life and it was at the mercy of the uplifting current. It was not in charge of its life nor it’s fate and with this the balloon began to wish it was back among freinds. But alas, the red balloon soared to the highest point it could possibly fly and when it poppped, there was no one there to be with it.

moral: We may want to rise to the highest levels of life and or look down on others. But be warned, it is a lonely life. Not everything is as it seems.

The story (the red balloon) was inspired by the tale…

The Yellow Balloon.”

(when I read this story it just seemed as if it needed more so I wrote…

…the red balloon.)


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a zen master held a balloon that floated in the air, “The zen in me is like that of the air in this balloon.”

have an uplifting day