I like this commercial …

Man-eating sharks live in every ocean, but we still swim.

Lighting strikes somewhere in the world, but we still play in the rain.

So many things can happen. However, bad things in life can’t stop us from making our lives good.

People live for good…. (Allstate)


People live for good. The fortunate truth is, more good happens in life than bad.

So… I was watching, “When vacations attack” and watched as these sky divers set up a pyramid in mid-air and it went terribly wrong. Several sky divers got tangled up together and their parachutes folded up. Luckily they had reserve shoots, but it doesn’t stop these same people from climbing back into an airplane and still sky dive… reaching for the good life.

My wife works in food service and you know how we all love to eat (grin) but more accidents happen in the kitchen and restaurant kitchens than I care to admit. But we still get back in the kitchen and cook. She has these little scars that she was showing me where she had burned her-self a couple of times in different situations. Cooking is dangerous… but a neccesity.

Do you measure your life by the minutes you have or by the moments that take your breath away?

Do you have any idea how many fatal automobile accidents there are in a day or a year? Yet we still climb into the car and go…


Don’t worry, be happy… that is easily said, remember the commercial where a little child sits behind the steering wheel of a car and the father stands outside instructing the child on good driving habits… (that is me) I will not rest the day lil sunshine takes the car to town by herself… which is still a few years away but it is coming.

be good, be kind, but most of all be happy