“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

“When it is raining hurtfull words, simply use an umbrella.”

The term “crab mentality” is used to describe a kind of selfish, short-sighted thinking which runs along the lines of “if I can’t have it, neither can you.” This term is especially widely used among Filipinos, who use it specifically to refer to people who pull other people down, denigrating them rather than letting them get ahead or pursue their dreams. As a general rule, an accusation of having a crab mentality is a poor reflection on someone’s personality.

This concept references an interesting phenomenon which occurs in buckets of crabs. If one crab attempts to escape from a bucket of live crabs, the other crabs will pull it back down, rather than allowing it to get free. Sometimes, the crabs seem almost malicious, waiting until the crab has almost escaped before yanking it back into the pot. All of the crabs are undoubtedly aware of the fact that their fate is probably not going to be very pleasurable, so people are led to wonder why they pull each other back into the bucket, instead of congratulating the clever escape artist.

The crab mentality is a reflection of the famous saying “we all like to see our friends get ahead, but not too far ahead.” Learning to recognize the crab mentality in yourself is a very good idea, especially if you work or live in a highly competitive environment.   this article found… here!


I just happen to walk in to a situation yesterday, where a fellow employee was downing everyone around him. I listened for a moment while getting the equipment I needed then walked over to him. “Hey, dude, do you see what is going on here?”

He asked, “what?”

I explained, “You are in a rut, a hole, and instead of allowing others to help you, you are trying to drag every one else down into that hole with you!” Of course rather than except the advise he began trying to be-little me, so I replied, “Listen, I am on a mountain, your in a hole in a dark valley, your going to be a while trying to drag me in that hole with you. I don’t have that much time, gotta go.” And I left for my next duty. (don’t allow others to pull you into the holes they have dug for them self. Offer to help and if they don’t want the help, move on. For some people are like turtles, in order to teach them to sing, it will take a lot of time and patience.)

The farthest a man’s feet are from the earth, the farther he is from himself. (go bare-footed now and then and see what I mean)