She sat on her bike and rocked it back and forth. Getting ready to take-off. Working up the courage to go. Anticipating the events to come. She gripped the handle bars tightly and pushed off. The bike wobbled a bit as she got her balance, pressed the pedals and began gaining speed as the bike went downhill, going faster with every second.

The bike shot down the hill as she held on tightly. Then came to the bottom of the hill where other kids screamed encouraging words as she shot towards the ramp and took flight. Cheers rang out as she soared in the air and then splashed into the lake. Water went upward as she sank into the soft landing, then standing up drenched in the thrill of the ride.

Summer is officially here. I watched the kids doing this and thought about the event. We all seek a thrill in our lives. That point where we shed the comfort of safety and take it to the limits of living. I suppose that is why amusement parks are such a blast. Taking a ride on a roller coaster and feeling out of control and grounding ourselves in the moment where we are no longer in control and at the whim and will of the ride.

We all seek to step out of that comfort zone. Adrenaline is a drug that our bodies make and our minds try and tap into. Summer is officially here and the thrill seekers will be out and about so be careful and watch where you drive this summer for kids will be everywhere seeking thrills and chills. Have a super-fab-tabulous summer.

My wife and I went to watch as Lil sunshine recieved two awards at school yesterday. (Congrats lil sunshine, great job) Today being the last day of school, Summer is here and our vacation begins next week. Becareful this summer and watch for those thrill seekers on the roads for rug rats don;t always stay in the house on the carpet playing TV games.



have a quality summer